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Me Tea co has done more than refine an old tradition: We've started a new one.  Handcrafted bundles of me moments. 
Guided by healing herbs and nourishing flavours, our blends are sourced from the highest quality organic herbs around the world.  Me Tea specialises in small handcrafted teas, lovingly put together by hand in Brisbane.  To achieve optimal nourishment our blends have been designed with the intention of creating wellness from the inside out.

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Me Tea blends are handcrafted entirely from quality organic ingredients sourced from around the world.  Every ingredient is of the highest caliber so each blend can deliver its promise.
Just because tea blends are a collection of dried herbs, spices and plants doesn't mean that you can use ingredients of poor quality that lack flavour.  Our dedication is to create teas that not only give you those me moments, but that have the unique taste of quality herbs that you deserve.

“Me Moments”

- Katy Smith, Founder & Herbal Tea Lover


Tea for Me

Functional Nutritionist and New Zealand native Katy is inspired about herbal tea.  Having overcome serious health issues in recent years the power of food for healing has become a way of life, including a brewing love for tea.  Never one to just settle for what is out there Katy began experimenting and creating her own blends for not only her own healing but for those around her too.  It is the moments that a cup of tea creates that is special, those little me moments is why Me Tea Co was born.


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