Modern life is busy, stressful and the one thing we all seem to have in common is we never have enough time. As a functional nutritionist working with client’s on balancing their health, it became clear to me that making time for ourselves was something we all seem to struggle to do (I am guilty too!).

Taking time for ourselves should be one of the things we do everyday, not the last thing on the list. How can we care for those around us if we first do not take care of number one. Me Tea Co’s vision is that in brewing and enjoying a delicious handcrafted organic blend, you are stopping and taking that all important ME MOMENT.

Having overcome my own health issues in recent years through a real whole food approach, healing is a way of life and herbal tea is a huge part of my life that I now want to share with you all.

I truly believe that a cup of tea is good for not just the body, but the soul too. And who doesn’t need a that.


Katy xx